9 Feb 2016 |

Las Vegas, NV: The Nevada Association of Public Safety Officers (NAPSO) has endorsed the November ballot measure to require criminal background checks on all gun sales in Nevada. NAPSO is the largest affiliation of law enforcement associations in Nevada representing nearly 1,500 law enforcement professionals including police and corrections officers, deputy sheriffs, juvenile and adult parole and probation officers, Nevada Highway Patrol troopers, Capital and Legislative police, and University police from across the state.

“The bottom line is criminals must be prevented from acquiring guns in simple ‘no questions asked’ transactions,” said NAPSO Executive Director Richard McCann. “While not an absolute answer to this crisis, this Initiative is a further step that must be taken to counter gun violence in this state and in our nation.”

He went on to say, “Our law enforcement officers are not only the protectors of their communities in which they see violent acts occur every day, but they have themselves become targets of such violence. Any effort to curtail the sales of guns to criminal elements must be taken.”

NAPSO joins the growing list of individuals and organizations that support the criminal background check initiative. The campaign’s Advisory Board totals 50 Nevadans including law enforcement, domestic violence advocacy, gun owners, business, faith and community leaders from across the state and the political spectrum.

“We are thrilled to have the endorsement of the largest law enforcement group in Nevada to validate what we have been saying – passing criminal background checks will save lives,” said campaign co-chair Elaine Wynn. “We depend on police to keep us safe and as citizens, we need to provide them the tools to do their job. States that close the private sale loophole see reductions in gun violence, including the number of officers killed by guns cut nearly in half.”

Nevada voters can make our state the 19th in the nation to close the loophole criminals, domestic abusers and other dangerous people are exploiting to purchase guns online and at gun shows, no background check required. Nearly one in 11 people shopping online for a gun in Nevada is prohibited from possessing firearms, including convicted felons and fugitives. In the 18 states with similar laws, gun trafficking, gun suicides and the incidence of women killed by domestic partners were cut nearly in half.

Nevadans for Background Checks in a bipartisan statewide coalition of law enforcement, domestic violence advocacy, faith, business and community leaders who are working to pass the criminal background check initiative. The ballot measure is a common-sense proposal that will close loopholes in Nevada law by requiring criminal background checks for all gun sales with reasonable exceptions for family, hunting and self-defense. The proposed law would put private sellers on a level playing field with licensed gun dealers, who already are required to conduct criminal background checks on gun sales.


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