16 May 2016 |

Las Vegas, NV: The Fraternal Order of Police, Las Vegas Lodge 1, announced today that the organization representing hundreds of members of the law enforcement community stands in support of Question 1, The Background Check Initiative, a measure to close the loophole in the law and require criminal background checks on all gun sales.

“Passing Question 1 will help prevent criminals and other prohibited people from purchasing guns through private sales, which will help make our communities safer,” Las Vegas Fraternal Order of Police President David Moody said. “Closing the loophole and enforcing criminal background checks on all gun sales will help save the lives of police officers by keeping guns out of the wrong hands.”

Since 1980, 15 police officers in Nevada have been shot and killed in the line of duty with guns that were not their own, according to one study. In those incidents, eight of the shooters were prohibited purchasers such as felons and convicted domestic abusers. Research shows that background checks work in keeping guns out of the hands of criminals. Between 2012 and 2014 in Nevada, 5,379 gun sales were blocked to prohibited purchasers because of background checks and of those blocked sales, 63 percent were felons and fugitives seeking to buy guns. Closing the loophole will help reduce crime and save lives. In the 18 states where criminal background checks are required on all handgun sales, there are 48 percent fewer law enforcement officers shot and killed compared to states that have not closed the loophole.

The Las Vegas Fraternal Order of Police joins a growing list of law enforcement individuals and organizations supporting Question 1 including Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson, former Clark County Sheriff Bill Young, former Washoe County Sheriff Mike Haley, University of Nevada Reno Police Chief Adam Garcia, former President of the Southern Nevada Conference of Police and Sheriffs Dave Kallas, former Clark County Assistant District Attorney Teresa Lowry, former Clark County Senior Deputy Sheriff Jim Childs, former Henderson Police Chief and Assembly Speaker Richard Perkins, and the Nevada Association of Public Safety Officers (NAPSO), the largest affiliation of law enforcement associations in Nevada representing nearly 1,500 law enforcement professionals from across the state.

“We are grateful to add the endorsement from the Las Vegas Fraternal Order of Police to our growing coalition of law enforcement in support of Question 1,” said campaign co-chair Jan Jones Blackhurst. “Police know firsthand what happens when guns are in the wrong hands. Passing Question 1 and closing the loophole in the law will help reduce the threat of gun violence in our communities and save lives.”

Nevada voters can make our state the 19th in the nation to close the loophole criminals, domestic abusers and other dangerous people are exploiting to purchase guns online and at gun shows, no background check required. Nearly one in 11 people shopping online for a gun in Nevada is prohibited from possessing firearms, including convicted felons and fugitives. In the 18 states with similar laws, gun trafficking, gun suicides and the incidence of women killed by domestic partners were cut nearly in half.

Nevadans for Background Checks is a bipartisan statewide coalition of law enforcement, domestic violence advocacy, faith, business and community leaders who are working to pass the criminal background check initiative. The ballot measure is a common-sense proposal that will close loopholes in Nevada law by requiring criminal background checks for all gun sales with reasonable exceptions for family, hunting and self-defense. The proposed law would put private sellers on a level playing field with licensed gun dealers, who already are required to conduct criminal background checks on gun sales.


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